“Paul’s superb content, combined with captivating examples and practical exercises and his energetic, engaging and fun delivery style make for a “lethal” combination. He does not simply educate his audience—he inspires them. The insights you get out of his talks are valid and useful not only in business but in our personal lives as well. I recommend him wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.”

Costas Markides, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

How can I help you?

I can offer you and your clients a number of public speaking, educational and coaching options relating to Behavioural Economics, with a focus on investment, decision-making and sales.

What outcomes and benefits can you expect?

My aim is to help executives and asset managers appreciate the benefits of Behavioural Economics in order to:

  • above all, make better decisions, both individually and as part of a group
  • challenge their unconscious assumptions
  • enhance their business and investment skills

The Options

Options A and B are suitable for internal and external audiences, whether for a seminar in the office, at a company off-site or at a client or industry conference. Option C is for internal training and coaching purposes.

A: The Talk (40 minutes to 1 hour) – what it covers:

Three key issues, applicable to all:

  • How the human brain is hardwired for perfectly good evolutionary reasons to use ‘System 1’ thinking (fast, intuitive, unconscious) in preference to ‘System 2’ (slow, cognitive, conscious), sometimes leading to biases and irrationality.
  • Examples, in all aspects of our lives, including investment, of the 150+ biases and mental short cuts.
  • What can we do about these biases? And equally importantly, how can we turn them to our advantage in our business and personal lives?

B: ‘The Twenty20’ (2 x 20 minute slots) – what it covers:

After-Dinner Speaking

Designed especially for lunch or evening company or client dinner functions, the format of this is very flexible – the talk can be given in one or two slots, and tailored in terms of time and content, according to the wishes of the host.

Below is an example of the ‘Twenty20 format, but it would be equally possible to do a 40 minute pre-dinner slot and a 15 minute post dinner talk.

  • The first [pre-meal] slot is in the style of a TED talk called ‘From Biases to Bubbles.’ The scene is set with an introduction to Behavioural Economics, highlighting its importance and relevance in the investment world. All investors have personal biases and examples of these are combined with recent and historic examples from financial markets, alongside practical advice on how to avoid the common behavioural mistakes.

This part of the talk can be done with or without slides depending on the venue.

  • The second [post-meal] slot is more relaxed, in that I take some of the themes from Behavioural Economics and Neuroscience, and perform some interactive, psychological experiments with the audience, drawing upon my experience as a member of the exclusive Magic Circle. This reinforces the serious underlying point, that people are not always as rational and conscious in their decision making as they would like to think! The audience will learn some psychological tricks to show their friends and family.

C: The Masterclass (3/4 hours)

Investment Sales Team options (suitable for internal training and coaching)

For  institutional investment firms (asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks etc.) and High Net Worth individuals, I offer a longer, integrated specialist  module as part of an interactive Masterclass.