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Is Greece the canary in the Euro coal mine?

10 thoughts on ‪#‎greece‬ and ‪#‎grexit‬

The Psychology of Money

I have yet to meet someone who can rotate their right foot in a clockwise direction and simultaneously draw a large ‘6’ in the air with their right index finger.

The Halo Effect and the Myth of Best Practices

There’s a joke that if you read just two books, What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School and What They Teach You at Harvard Business School you must, by definition, have read the sum total

Never Mind the πολυμαθής

This month I launched this, my first website, and it was a great experience to create it from scratch. I confess I didn’t do the ‘technical’ bit, preferring to stick to ideas, layout and content, and the

How to peel a banana

10 million monkeys can't be wrong!

Seven Biases for Seven Goals

Nowhere are mental shortcuts more evident than in people’s attitude towards wealth, savings and investment. This article highlights seven common cognitive biases.

Confirmation Bias: investors should beware the sound of silence

When Paul Simon wrote in The Boxer "Still the man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest", he may not have been attempting profound economic analysis.

Pete Seeger’s lessons on the fallacy of sunk costs

One tweet mourning the passing of singer Pete Seeger last month advised that we listen to one of Seeger’s tracks called Waist Deep in the Big Muddy – described as the “best song about the sunk cost

Mis(Be)havioural Economics

In countries where one has to “opt-in” to become an organ donor, there is a shortage of donors; in Germany, for example, the organ donation consent rate is a mere 12%.

TEDx talk on Behavioural Economics – “Minds, Markets and Magic”

A shorter version of the sort of speech that I have given at many individual conferences and to individual pension schemes.